Fruit Loading Ramp

1 (one) unit elevated bunch loading ramp divided into 1 x 16 Bays will be constructed as shown in the drawing.

Number of door          : 1 ramps x 16 units door

Capacity of each door : 15 tons FFB

Slope of steel hopper : 27O

Type                           : Vertical sliding gate

Construction          : Supported with WF 300 x 150 x 36.7 kg/m and WF250 x 125 x29.6 kg/m and joints with 100 x 50 x 9.36                 kg/m

Control System of Hydraulically operated with individual control valves

2 set of Rexroth or Vickers hydraulic power pack will be supplied and installed for 8 doors. Capacity 80 liters, 7.5 Hp, 1450 Rpm

Deck                            : The top of hopper is formed of 6 mm thick m.s. plate and braced by 100 mm m.s channel and 65 x 65 x 6 mm m.s angle.

Each sliding door will be hydraulically operated through a double acting telescope for upward and downward movement of the door from bottom, and upper side will be provide with guard to protected loading bunches overflow to falling down on the rail track.

An operating platform will be installed along the entire length of the hopper. The

hydraulic pump and directional control valves will be installed on the operating


The operation of the gate will be form an elevated platform in front of the loading ramp.

The underside will be painted with two coat of approved primer while the top surface need not be painted. The side plates, supported structures, etc. shall also be approved equivalent paint.

The loading ramp apron will be reinforced concrete of 300 mm thick with 2 layer

of BRC (civil work). Length of RC concrete Platform is 46.5 meters.

Loading Ramp


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Road Weighbridge

ElectronicWeighbridge Pit less Type

Make               : Avery Berkel or approved equivalent

Model              : J 311

Capacity          : 40,000 kg

Accuracy         : 10 kg

Platform size   : 12 m x 3 m x 12mm Slip-resistant chequared steel plate

Load cell         : 4 (four) unit compression load cell T 302

Electronic Digital Indicator

Model              : E 1205 Electric Printer

Model              : Epson LX-300

Print Out         :

  • Time, date, month, year.
  • Six digits consecutive number.
  • Ten digits alpha numeric vehicle registered number.
  • Gross, tare & net weight.
  • Memory for first weight record (will be erased after 2nd weight transaction).
  • 300 memory for totalizing per transaction code.
  • Eight memory for user fields.
  • Tera Metrologi will be done.

Micro Processor Printer

Model : L 300

Prints :

  • Times
  • Dates,month and year
  • Consentive number
  • Code, memory
  • Vehicle, registration number
  • Gross, tare weight
  • Automatic calculated net weight.

Accessories : One(1) unit UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) 1000 Volt Ampere.

Palm Oil Mill, Fruit Reception, Weight Bridge


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