Road Weighbridge

ElectronicWeighbridge Pit less Type

Make               : Avery Berkel or approved equivalent

Model              : J 311

Capacity          : 40,000 kg

Accuracy         : 10 kg

Platform size   : 12 m x 3 m x 12mm Slip-resistant chequared steel plate

Load cell         : 4 (four) unit compression load cell T 302

Electronic Digital Indicator

Model              : E 1205 Electric Printer

Model              : Epson LX-300

Print Out         :

  • Time, date, month, year.
  • Six digits consecutive number.
  • Ten digits alpha numeric vehicle registered number.
  • Gross, tare & net weight.
  • Memory for first weight record (will be erased after 2nd weight transaction).
  • 300 memory for totalizing per transaction code.
  • Eight memory for user fields.
  • Tera Metrologi will be done.

Micro Processor Printer

Model : L 300

Prints :

  • Times
  • Dates,month and year
  • Consentive number
  • Code, memory
  • Vehicle, registration number
  • Gross, tare weight
  • Automatic calculated net weight.

Accessories : One(1) unit UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) 1000 Volt Ampere.

Palm Oil Mill, Fruit Reception, Weight Bridge


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