Vertical Continuous Settling Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Cylindrical conical bottom.

Capacity          : 120 m³

Construction   : Dimension 4.950 mm dia. X 6.200 mm height approx.

Accessories a float level indicator for sludge tank and pure oil tank a thermometer dial face dia. 6”, range 0 – 150 degree C. The tank shall be fabricated from 9 mm thick m.s plate. The shell body and conical bottom shall be rolled, bent and suitably stiffened. The tank shall be self supported and mounted on suitable concrete slab foundation. An adjustable oil skimming funnel c/w clam support and hand wheel shall be provided. Inlet pipe c/w distributor to be 200 mm diameter and sludge outlet pipe c/w sludge riser shall from part of the tank structure.

The following shall be provided :

a. Closed steam coil c/w steam traps and strainers also open coil for heating before manufacturer.

b. Tank level indicator.

c. Tank level saigh glass.

d. Insulation 50mm thick rockwool with 1mm thick alumunium sheet cladding.

e. A mechanical stirrer unit operating at 2.5 rpm.

f. Suitable thermometer of 150 mm dial range 0-100 degree Celsius.

CST Agitator use 1,5 kW/ 2 Hp Teco, Electrim electromotor with Brook Hansen gearbox.

Vertical Continuous Settling Tank

Crude Oil Buffer Tank

1 (one) unit buffer tank will be supplied and installed to received crude oil from the crude oil tank and discharge into vertical clarification tanks.

Capacity          : 1.5m³

Dimension       : 1.5m x 1m x 1m

Construction   : Fabricated from 4mm thick S.S. sch 10 plate.

Accessories     : Top cover and inspection hole with lid.

: Discharged pipe into the clarification tank will be 150mm   diameter S.S. sch 10 pipe. Floating switch will be supply.

Crude Oil Buffer Tank

Empty Bunch Crane Grapple For Palm Oil Mill

1. Crane Grapple

  • Lifting moment : 140 kNmHydraulic Power Unit
  • Maximum reach : 9,2 m
  • Circuit execution : single
  • Hydraulic telescopic extension : double 2,70 m
  • Double rack swing angle : 400 degree
  • Operator’s cabin
  • Distributors, control : 4 levers + 2 pedals
  • Hydraulic circuit for rotator and grapple at the front of the crane
  • 2 working lights
Crane Grapple

Crane Grapple

2. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU

  • Electric motor : 4 poles, 380V – AC 50Hz, 37 KW Teco
  • Hydraulic pump : VICKERS axial flow piston pump
  • Oil tank : 400 litres with oil level gauge, oil filter
  • Electric control panel : star triangle start 3 x 400 V – 50 Hz IP65
  • Oil cooler : heat dissipation 13 KW, flow max 150 lpm

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Inclined Empty Bunch Conveyor

Horizontal Empty Bunch Conveyor

Recycling Empty Bunch Conveyor

Inclined Empty Bunch Conveyor

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Scrapper bar.

Capacity          : 18 tons empty bunch per hour.

Liner speed     : 16 meters per minute.

Constructions  :

  • Scrapper fabricated from angle bar 65 x 65 x 7 mm of 4 THK ms pl.
  • Drag bar bolted on two (2) continuous chains 4” pitch roller type solid pin running on guides’ roller.
  • Breaking strength of chain to be used is 24.000 lbf, Uk Chain, Precision or equivalent.
  • Chain tension device would be provided at lower end of the conveyor.
  • 5 mm thick mild steel trays of welded construction.
  • Supported on 120 mm m.s channel and braced with 50 x 50 x 5 mm angle bar.
  • A catwalk along the conveyor supported on m.s channel c/w 1” and 1¼” dia black steel pipe handrails.
  • The inspection platform covered with 5 mm thick ms chequered plate
  •  A canopy would be provided for the entire length of the conveyor.
  • Provided with suitable chute to right, middle and left section of the empty bunch hopper.

Drive unit        : 7.5 kW/ 10 Hp Teco, Electrim electromotor and Brook Hansen gearbox or approved equivalent c/w sprocket and chain drive RS 80 Duplex 2

Dimension       : Width = 760 mm, Length = ± 35.000 mm approx.

Inclined Empty Bunch Conveyor

Horizontal Empty Bunch Conveyor

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Scraper bar.

Capacity          : 14 tons empty bunch per hour.

Liner speed     : 16 meters per minute.

Construction   :

  • Scraper fabricated from angle bar 65 x 65 x 7 mm of 6 thk ms plate
  • Drag bar bolled on two (2) continuo’s chains 4” pitch solid pin roller type running on guide’s roller.
  • Breaking strength of the chain to be used is 15.000 lbf, UK Chain, Precision or equivalent.
  • 5 mm thick mild steel trays of welded construction.
  • Chain tension device would be provided at one end of the conveyor c/w sliding doors.
  • Supported on 100 mm mild steel channel and braced with 50 x 50 x 5 mm angle bar.
  • Provided with an inspiration platform c/w 1” and 1¼” dia black steel pipe hand rails and suitable ladder.
  • The inspection platform covered with 5 mm thick m.s chequered plate.
  • Fitted with discharge chute to inclined empty bunch conveyor.

Drive unit        : 5.5 kW/ 7,5 HP electromotor Teco, Electrim and Brook

Hansen or approved equivalent c/w sprocket and chain drive RS 80 duplex 1″.

Dimension       : Width = 760 mm, Length = ± 18.500 mm approx.

Horizontal Empty Bunch Conveyor

Digester Maintenance Beam

Quantity          : One (1) length for all digester.

Position           : Above the digester.

Construction   : Fabricated from m.s 1WF 250 x 125 beam bolted to steel press structure.

Accessories     : One (1) complete chain block of tones capacity.

Pressing Structure

Quantity          : One (1) set, suitable for three (3) sets of screw press with digester and control gear.

Construction   :

  • The steel main structure column fabricated 150 x 150 m.s angle and support with m.s channel of adequate size c/w angle bar bracing.
  • Covered with 5 mm thick m.s chequered plate c/w hand-rail of 1” and 1¼” dia. black steel pipe all round.
  • Provided with ladders c/w stairways and handrails.
  • Provided with catwalks linking to the crane platform.

Pressing Structure

Crude Oil Pumps

Quantity          : Two (2) units’, one (1) unit as standby.

Type                : Centrifugal, wear resistant.

Capacity          : 30 m³ each.

Make               : Kew Pump 4” / 3”, Warman pump or approved equivalent.

Total head       : 20 m

Construction   :

  • Casing : Stainless steel.
  • Shaft : Stainless steel.
  • Impeller : Stainless steel.
  • Seal : Mechanical.
  • Liner : Chrome alloy, replaceable.

Accessories     :

– A selector switch with floating switch control.

– Non return valve.

Crude Oil Pump

Crude Oil Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Rectangular section.

Capacity          : 12 m³.

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 5 mm thick stainless steel plate of all welded construction

and the top edge stiffened with 100 mm m.s channel.

  • The tank divided with three (3) compartments and has a slope bottom for

each compartment c/w 3” dia. Drain pipe c/w valve. Fitted with vertical buffle to prevent sands and heavy particles.

  • Fitted with direct steam injection system for the first compartment and closed steam heating pipe for other compartment, c/w fitting and valves for each compartment for each raising crude oil temperature.
  • 200 mm dia. Black steel pipe necessary venting to the outside building.
  • Rock woll insulation and alumunium cladding.

Dimension       : 2.400 mm wide x 4.800 mm length x 1.200 mm height.

Accessories     :

– A float switch control.

– Thermostatic control valve.

Crude Oil Tank

Vibrating Screen Structure

Raised 6mm m.s chequered plate platform c/w access ladder and hand-railing will be provided to house 4 (2 install and 2 for future) vibrating screens for crude

oil tank. Inlet pipes to be provided with velocity breakers (one for each vibrator screen).

All necessaries of all installation of this unit will be provided by contractor.