Crude Oil Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Rectangular section.

Capacity          : 12 m³.

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 5 mm thick stainless steel plate of all welded construction

and the top edge stiffened with 100 mm m.s channel.

  • The tank divided with three (3) compartments and has a slope bottom for

each compartment c/w 3” dia. Drain pipe c/w valve. Fitted with vertical buffle to prevent sands and heavy particles.

  • Fitted with direct steam injection system for the first compartment and closed steam heating pipe for other compartment, c/w fitting and valves for each compartment for each raising crude oil temperature.
  • 200 mm dia. Black steel pipe necessary venting to the outside building.
  • Rock woll insulation and alumunium cladding.

Dimension       : 2.400 mm wide x 4.800 mm length x 1.200 mm height.

Accessories     :

– A float switch control.

– Thermostatic control valve.

Crude Oil Tank

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