Quantity          : Three (3) units’.

Type                : Unjacketed, Direct Injection CBI.

Make               : CB, WANG YUEN, or equivalent.

Capacity          : 15-17 tons FFB/Hour, each.

Volume           : 3.500 liters.

Inner diameter : 1.300 mm.

Height of Container : 3.100 mm.

Wall                 : 12 mm thick m.s plate c/w 9 mm thick m.s liner and 19 mm thick m.s perforated bottom plate.

Main drive motor : Electromotor 40 Hp, 1450 rpm Teco, Electrim motor or equivalent

Gear box         : Brook Hansen or equivalent.

Drive system   : Hydro fluid coupling.

Stirring arm     : Wear resistant steel material of 5 sets beaters arm and 1 set expeller arm.

Insulation        : 50 mm thick rock wool of 90 kg/m³ density and cladded with aluminium mm thick.

Each digester c/w : Steam valve, non return valve, steam trap, pressure gauge, temperature gauge and automatic temperature regulating valve.

Accessories     : Thermometer dia. 150 mm.



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