Fruit Elevator

Quantity          : Two (2) units’.

Type                : Twin chain.

Linear speed    : 25 m per minute.

Capacity          : 36 tons FFB/Hr.

Construction   :

  • Bottom and boot sections fabricated from 6 mm thick m.s plate, reinforced with 50 x 50 x 5 mm angle bar and fitted with 3 mm thick liner plate.
  • Intermediate section fabricated from 4 mm thick m.s reinforced with 50 x 50 x
  • 5 mm m.s angle bar.
  • Front body consists of removable panel for easy maintenance.
  • Bucket fabricated from 5 mm thick m.s plate.
  • Top section provided with small maintenance platform.
  • Chain :

Roller type, pitch 6” solid pin with breaking strength 24.000 lbf run on slide rails, made of RENOLD, PRECISION or equivalent.

Fitted with renewable liners of rails.

  • Bearing :

Take up bearing SKF or equivalent would be fitted at the adjustable bearing c/w adjusting screws and guides.

At the top shaft would be fitted with flange bearing.

Sprocket          : 10 teeth RENOLD or equivalent, shaft dia, 3 inch, chains drive duplex RS 100 and power drive 7.5 kW/ 10 HP Teco , Electrim electromotor c/w Brook Hansen, Sew gearbox or approved equivalent.

Fruit Elevator


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