Screw Press

Quantity          : Three (3) units’.

Type                : Twin screw.

Capacity          : 15-17 tons FFB/Hour.

Make               : CB, WANG YUEN, CBI PRESS or equivalent.

Main drive motor : 40 Hp, 1500 rpm Teco, Electrim or equivalent, 3 phase 50 Hz. Speed reducer

Gear box         : Brook Hansen or equivalent.

Hydraulic system : Rexroth or Vickers or equivalent fully automatic electro hydraulic cone control system c/w electromotor 2 Hp.

Control panel  :The control panel combined for each screw press & digester consist of the following items :

a) No fuse breaker (NFB) shall be installed, in place of HRC fuses.

b) Incoming isolating switch.

c) All necessary control circuits and instruments.

d) Ammeter for the press and digester.

e) Running hour meter for each press.

f) 3-Pointer kilowatt meter control.

g) Resistance starter

  • Power transmission by high efficiency V-belt drive or fusible plug coupling.
  • Capacity adjustment by speed regulation.
  • Extra pulleys are included for a rapid adjustment on the press capacity.
  • Shaft in self aligning and roller bearing.
  • Gear running in oil bath.
  • Press body of welded steel construction.
  • Pre-drain strainer for easy replacement, cast steel double screw worm & mill steel press cage. Complete with vane pump, squirrel cage motor (1.5 kW), mounted directly on the press.
  • Hot water washing oil dilution system.
  • Cone adjustment shall be automatic and energized by an electro hydraulic

control system.

  • Direct feeding on hepress by gravity from digester thought a chute inspection door installed on chute shall be made of transparent temperature resistant perplex sheet c/w door mechanism.
  • Speed reducer gear box shall have a service factor of 1.3 minimum.
  • Fluid coupling installed between motor and gear box to reduce starting load if directly coupled.
  • 3 pcs taper lock pulleys for varying press through put would be in supply for each screw press.

Screw Press


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