Quantity                      : Two (2) units’ and one (1) unit foundation stanby.

Type                           : Horizontal, double door.

Capacity                      : 8 x 5000 kg cages

Outside diameter        : 2700 mm diameter.

Cylinder length           : ± 27.340 mm approx.

Shell thickness            : 16 mm boiler plate ASME SA – 516/GR 70

Shell Liner                   : 12 mm ms plate A36 with half-liner

Type of welds             : Double V-butt welds

Design & const. code : ASME section VIII Div. 1 for un-fired pressure vessel

Working pressure        : 3.1 kg/cm²

Construction               : Each vessel consists of the following :

  • Two (2) unit quick opening and closing and hinged rotating ring type door c/w safety device.
  • Interior rail track of 700 mm gauge fabricated from half part of ms channel.
  • A steam diffusing and distributing tray over whole length of the vessel would be provided.
  • 50 mm thick rockwool insulating of the density 90 kg/m³ and covered with 1 mm thick aluminium sheeting c/w suitable galvanized wire mesh.
  • One (1) spring loaded relief valve 6” dia.
  • Two (2) dial face pressure gauge 6” dia range 0 – 6 kg/cm² one mounted above each sterilizer door.

Support                       : Only One (1) of supporting foot on concrete plinth is fixed, the

  • remaining foot is provided with rollers and roller plate to allow for expansion.
  • Manufacturing conditions that would be fulfilled as the following:
  • Fabrication work would be all done in accordance with the existing Indonesian
  • Pressure Vessel Regulations and subject to the requirement and approval of the Indonesian Inspection Service.
  • Material certificate would be from Lloyd or other recognized Institutions.

The doors shall be Hip make or equivalent. The doors shall be of quick opening and closing clutch hinged type with a safety interlock to prevent the opening of the door when the sterilizer is under pressure. The doors shall be fabricated from 16 mm Boiler Plate and shall be lined with 6 mm thick half-liner SS Plate welded to the door.



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