Vertical Continuous Settling Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Cylindrical conical bottom.

Capacity          : 120 m³

Construction   : Dimension 4.950 mm dia. X 6.200 mm height approx.

Accessories a float level indicator for sludge tank and pure oil tank a thermometer dial face dia. 6”, range 0 – 150 degree C. The tank shall be fabricated from 9 mm thick m.s plate. The shell body and conical bottom shall be rolled, bent and suitably stiffened. The tank shall be self supported and mounted on suitable concrete slab foundation. An adjustable oil skimming funnel c/w clam support and hand wheel shall be provided. Inlet pipe c/w distributor to be 200 mm diameter and sludge outlet pipe c/w sludge riser shall from part of the tank structure.

The following shall be provided :

a. Closed steam coil c/w steam traps and strainers also open coil for heating before manufacturer.

b. Tank level indicator.

c. Tank level saigh glass.

d. Insulation 50mm thick rockwool with 1mm thick alumunium sheet cladding.

e. A mechanical stirrer unit operating at 2.5 rpm.

f. Suitable thermometer of 150 mm dial range 0-100 degree Celsius.

CST Agitator use 1,5 kW/ 2 Hp Teco, Electrim electromotor with Brook Hansen gearbox.

Vertical Continuous Settling Tank

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