Nut Polishing Drum

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Rotary, without roller sprocket.

Power              : 7.5 Kw/ 10 Hp Teco, Electrim electromotor and Brook Hansen or equivalen

Drive               : Chain duplex RS 160.

Speed              : 16 rpm

Capacity          : 6 tons nut/hour

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 9 mm thick m.s plate.
  • Fitted of 8” dia. steam pipe schedule 80.
  • Fitted with internal buffle plate of 9 mm thick m.s plate and lifting bar mounted on a central shaft.
  •  Drum would be perforated with suitable sizes to drop the nuts into a pneumatic nut transport system.
  • Larger particles such as stones, bunch stalks would be overflow from end of the polishing drum.

Dimension       : Approximately 1.000 mm diameter and 5.000 mm in length.

Accessories     :

  • An m.s collecting tray for recovery broken kernels and small stone particles.
  • Nut cross conveyor dia. 300 mm c/w drive.

Nut Polishing Drum


2 Tanggapan

  1. hi- How you know this machine capacity is for 6 tons nut/hour

  2. capacity machine taken from volume of tube and gearbox spead.

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