Palm Oil Storage Tanks

2 units of palm oil storage tanks of mild steel welded construction will be constructed.
Capacity : 2 x 2,000 tons of CPO.
Dimension : Ø 17,466mm I/D x 10,062mm H.
Bottom plate : 10 mm m.s. plate.
Shell plate : 1st course 9mm. m.s. plate.
: 2nd course 9mm. m.s. plate.
: 3rd course 8mm. m.s. plate
: 4th course 8mm. m.s. plate
: 5th course 6mm. m.s. plate
: 6th course 6mm. m.s. plate
• Bottom slope to a center sump from which oil is pumped and bottom drained.
• One of tank fitted with external spiral access ladder.
• Provided with internal ladder.
• Interconnecting catwalk between tank of 600mm wide c/w dia. 1” and 1¼” black pipe hand rail would be provided.
• Provided with 500mm dia. Roof manhole with cover.
• Roof perimeter c/w handrail all round.
• One unit 600mm diameter side manhole at first stage.
• One unit 6” dia. Vent pipe at to of dome.
• On sounding pipe c/w float Stainless steel and external level indicator.
• Scale level will be including with Metrology certificate.
Roof plate : 5mm thick m.s. plate.
Accessories :
• Ø 2″ indirect steam heating coils + 8 blank flanges.
• Ø 3″ palm oil inlet valve & Ø 4″ outlet valve (body cast steel, shaft
• and seat stainless steel).
• Steam valve and steam trap FT ball float type Spirax Sarco for
• heating coils + thermostatic control.
• Level indicator.
• Drain pipe Ø 2.5″
• Thermometer 150mm dia.
• Recycling pipe to clarification, with sight glass.

Storage Tank

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