Cage Transfer Carriage

Quantity          : Two (2) units.Cage Transfer Carriage 1

Type                : Semi automatic

Capacity          : 2 number of fruit cages, 5 tons capacity each.

Rail                  : 50 x 50 mm with track gauge 700 mm.

Construction   :

  • Frame fabricated from steel structure
  • On the top side and the whole length of the carriage provided with a pair of rails where two (2) units’ loaded fruit cage can be seated.
  • 5 m thick m.s checkered plate platform on the carriage for operator and the hydraulic power unit.
  • Traction of the carriage by hydraulic motor.

The transfer carriage would be driven by REXROTH or VICKERS hydraulic system with the following operation models with control mounted on the operation platform.

The forward and reverse motion is by a fast/slow travel.

1 – 7,5 hp electric motor.

1 – Hydraulic pump.

5 – Solenoid valves.

5 – Flow regulator.

1 – Oil cooler and other tank accessories.

2 – Pcs hydraulic motor CR-15.

2 – Pcs hydraulic motor CR-10

2 – Pcs m – 3000 cylinder 2½” x 8”

Two (2) lot piping materials to carry out external piping installation between power packs and cylinder/hydraulic motors.


  • The push of system consist of one number of drive actuating the push off via

two set of chain pitch 4” c/w sprocket.

  • Drive of 3 Hp electric motor.
  • Manually operated via joy stick.

Cage Transfer Carriage 2

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