Nut Hopper

Quantity          : One (1) units (2 Compartment)

Type                : Circular section, conical bottom.

Capacity          : 30 cu. Meters each, total 60 cu. Meters

Construction   :

  • Shell fabricated from 6 mm thick m.s plate and reinforced with channel 120 mm.
  • Bottom cone fabricated from 7 mm thick m.s plate.
  • Six (6) column of 150 x 150 x 15 mm m.s angle bar and braced with 75 x 75 x 7 angle bar.
  • Fitted internally with circular row of buffle plate fabricated from 5 mm thick m.s plate.
  • Provision of side ventilation holes.
  • At the of nut silo provide with a below fan rated on 21.000 m³/hour at 150 mm w.g and driven by 30 Hp Make PHOENIX or NOVENCO or equivalent with electromotor through V-belts and pulley.
  • Provided with internal air ducting c/w one (1) set stem air heaters, heated by steam at 3.0 kg/cm² and controlled by temperature controlled valve, c/w all fittings, steam trap assembly consisting of sight-glass, non return valve, trap condensate piping, etc.
  • Circular 700 mm dia. ducting fabricated from 4 mm thick m.s plate and suitable supported.
  • Inverted cone bottom c/w chute and a rotary feeder.
  • Provided with top platform c/w 1” and 1¼” dia. black steel pipe handrails,


Dimension       : 3.820 mm dia. cross section with 6.000 mm cylindrical of silo height.

Accessories     : A temperature gauge of dial face type dia. 150 mm, 0-100oC.

Nut Hopper


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