Pneumatic Fibre Transport System

a) Ducting

Quantity          : One (1) set

Capacity          : 5.4 tons fiber /hour

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 5 mm thick m.s plate of all welded construction
  • Ducting would be made in multi section and all flange bolted to form a continuous length.
  • Provided with manhole for cleaning at horizontal ducting.
  • Bend would be of rectangular in section.

Dimension       : Diameter 700 mm and suitable length. (prefer 600 mm, u kap 30 ton tbs/jam – tidak ada deposit)

b) Fibre Cyclone

Quantity          : One (1) unit

Type                : Induced draught.

Capacity          : 5,4 tons fibre per hour.

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 6 mm m.s plate.
  • Fitted with 5 mm thick re-newable liner plate at the inside of cylindrical section.
  • Outlet of apex bottom fitted with an airlock.
  • Suitable manhole c/w cover for clearing of and also for acces.
  • Top section of voortex finder connected to a whirling chamber fabricated from 5 mm m.s plate.

Dimension       : 3,000 mm diameter with volute entry.

c) Fan

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Suction.

Make               : Phoenix or Novenco or equivalent.

Capacity          : 4.200 cu. m/hour. (42000 m3/hour …?)

Static pressure : 200 mm w.g

Speed              : 1.450 rpm

Unit drive        : 45 kW/ 60 Hp electromotor Teco, Electrim or equivalent through pulley and V-belts.

d) Air Lock

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Rotary

Capacity          : 3.5 tons fiber /hour

Construction   :

  • Fabrication from mild steel plate.
  • Six segments mild steel plate rotor welded on a rotor shaft.
  • Rotor shaft bearing would be flanged type, fitted to end plates.
  • Suitable flanges at inlet and outlet for easy connection.

Drive : Drive would be by 4 kW/ 5,5 Hp Teco, Electrim electromotor c/w Brook Hansen gearbox or approved equivalent with essential chains and sprockets.

Pneumatic Fibre Transport System


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