Steam Turbo Alternator

Two (2) units’ single stage back pressure turbine coupled to alternator, output

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine

1.200 kW. The installation turbine by contractor.

Make               : SHINKO, Dresser-Rand or equivalent.

Main steam separator.

Steam pipes from steam separator to steam turbine and condensate pipe c/w

necessary one (1) individual steam separators, valves and fitting would be supplied and installed.

A return line pipe ex. cooling of turbine c/w fitting to water settling basin.

Speed              : 5,400 rpm

Inlet Pressure  : 22 barg

Inlet Temperature : 219.6o C

Exhaust Pressure : 3.2 barg

Steam Rate      : 2.63 kgs/kwh

Steam Flow     : 27,156 kgs/hr

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