Water Treatment Plant

The raw water would be taken from the river at nearest from the mill site.

The quality of the water product is suitable for process water, domestic supply and for general supply.



Transfer Pond

Transfer Pond

Quantity          : One (1) length of channel

Type                : EarthWork

Capacity          : 2000 m3

Construction   :

  • For Connecting the river to reservoir.
  • Excavated from the ground to form a trapezium pond.
  • The base of channel would be constructed 1,500mmminimumbelow river base.

Dimension       : 10,000mm wide x 50,000mm length approx. to be suit on site.



Raw Water Pump House

Raw Water Pump House

Quantity          : One (1) set.

Type                : Raw water intake pump house or Ms. Pontoon.

Construction   :

  • Pontoon fabricated from 5 mm thick ms. Plate off all construction.
  • Provided with two (2) 10” dia. schedule 80 steam pipe piling for guided of Pontoon on water level.
  • Fitted with suitable retaining pipe 5” dia. schedule 80 c/w bracing 3” dia. Black steel pipe.
  • Provided with access platform covered with chequered plate 5 mm thick.


Quantity          : One (1) lengths of channel

Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir

Capacity          : 300,000m3 approx. in total

Type                : Earth ponds

Construction   :

  • Excavated from the ground to form a trapezium pond.
  • Working depth of the pond would be 8,000mmand 2,000mmof free board.
  • The total depth of the pond 10,000 mm.

Dimension       : Suit be drawing.


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