Anion Exchanger

Quantity          : 1 (one) unit.

Cation Anion Exchanger

Cation Anion Exchanger

Capacity          : 45m3/hr.

Working press : 5.3 kg/cm².

Hydrostatic test : 7.0 kg/cm².

Expected service cycle before regeneration : 24 hour (minimum).

Type resin        : Duolite / Amberlite.

Type regeneration : H2SO4 (98%).

Construction   :

  • Fabricated from 8mm thick m.s. plate welded construction.
  • Internal surface would be epoxy coating / rubber lining.
  • External surface protected with one coat epoxy primer and two coated finished sky blue color.
  • Provided with manhole 400mm diameter.
  • PVC high grade of strainers for under drain.
  • 1 (one) acid resistance steel concentrated acid storage tank suitable to cater for a minimum of one regeneration c/w cover, outlet, drain and all necessary

Accessories     :

  • Inlet distributor and regeneration distributor.
  • Concentrated acid piping and fitting of suitable material.
  • 65mm dia. chemical resistance multiport valve complete with PVC frontal

piping. c/w 1 (one) set pressure gauge c/w gauge cock and 1 (one) set air release valve.

  • 1 (one) Built-in chemical ejector for regenerate distributor.

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