Central Office And Laboratory

One (1) central office block constructed with :

Central Office

Central Office

  • The size of Central Office & laboratory would be 16 m span x 21 m length x 6.5 m height
  • The foundation, column and ground beam constructed from Concrete mix K 225
  • The ring balk would be constructed from reinforced concrete mix. K 175
  • All wails constructed from 114 mm thick red brick which rendered on both sides.
  • Hard wood timber rafter and struts c/w wood ties and purlin.
  • 0.5 mm thick aluminium zinc roofing sheet.
  • Provided with front carport
  • Provided galvanized iron sheets gutter c/w suitable PVC down pipe.
  • Provided with fixed glass windows.
  • Provided with timber flush door c/w latch & lock.
  • Provided with toilet room c/w urinal, water closed, and wash basin.
  • All floor would be constructed with 50 mm thick concrete floor slab and finished with ceramic tiles.
  • The floor and wall up to 1500 mm height at the toilet, laboratory table room finished with ceramic tiles
  • Provided 6 mm thick plywood ceiling on hard wood.
  • Surrounding of building provided drains and where necessary covered with m. s. grating.

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