Power and Lighting Circuits

All lighting and power circuits shall be in accordance wit single line diagram, as approved by Engineers. Any addition or deviations in

Lighting Main Building

Lighting Main Building

size, type or route shall be under permission in writing by Engineer. Power cables and wires shall be in compliance with the following specification:

All cable and wire inside buildings shall be of cooper conductor, PVC seated 600/1.000 volt grade insulation, having cross sectional area not less than 2.5 sq.mm and complying with Standard Industri Indonesia (SII). The cable shall be installed and protected mechanically and electrically as necessary in trenches, in conduits, in trays or in trunking. Number and size of cable in any trunking or conduit shall not exceed that given in the current editions of the IEE regulations of PUIL 1987. Cables shall be installed in such manner that it is possible to withdraw any number from the conduit or trunking without disturbing the remainder. Along all circuit shall be installed with earth continuity conductor with cross suction are as necessary. The protective conductor shall be PVC seated with double colour green and yellow.

All cable installed underground outside buildings shall be of cooper conductor having cross sectional are not less than 2.5 sq.mm. PVC seated to 600/1.000 volt insulation grade and armored. The cable shall be laid in trenches; bedding with fine sand compacted and covered with tiles along the route. The depth of the trench to the cable not less than 600 mm, and 900 mm if crossing any roads. At any turn of the cable routes are at every 50 m distant, shall be installed a concrete cable marker that exposed on the ground.

1. Lighting In the Building

Lighting arrangement in the mill and office buildings should be generally in accordance with the following illumination level specifications:

1. General lighting factory in the mill : 150 Lumen/sq. m

2. On task (instrument & machineries) in the mill: 500 lumen/sq. m.

3. Boiler room and power house: 150 lumen/sq.m. With colour corrected mercury vapour lamp.

4. Office (on task above 1 meter from finish floor level) : 1.000 lumen/sq.m.

5. Workshop: 300 lumen/sq.m.

6. Toilet block, mush olla and others: 300 lumen.sq.m.

2. Lighting Fitting in Office, Toilet Block and Musholla

Fluorescent lighting shall be generally installed in the office and other non industrial buildings. The fitting should be recessed ceiling mounted and equipped with reflector and luminance louver of anodized aluminium as made by Philip, Autholite or Europhane of France.

Lighting fitting for over out buildings should be of ceiling mounted with round or square opal methacry late diffuser, integrated control gear ad fully dust proof.

3. Lighting Fitting in The Mill and Workshop

Lighting mill workshop should be of fluorescent tubes mercury or sodium vapour lamp. The fitting should be of anticorrosive material, vibrating proof integrated control gear and in compliance with protection grade IP 54. Lighting for instrumentation and rotating machineries should be arranged to minimize stroboscopic effect.

4. Street and Fencing Lighting

Street and fencing lighting arrangement should be in accordance with the drawing PPD C 246-1/1. Illumination level on the road and fencing should be as following:

1. Average illumination level along the road not less than 20 lumen/sq.m.

2. Average illumination level along the fencing not less than 5 lumen/sq.m.

3. On unloading ramp not less than 300 lumen/sq.m.

Lighting should be of mercury or sodium vapour lamp as described on the drawing. The housing should be of anticorrosive material, weather proof with grade protection IP 65. Lighting fitting should be fixed on hexagonal, octagonal or circular steel lighting columns in cross section. The wall thickness not less than 5 mm galvanized and painted.

Each column shall be provided with a weather proof door with tamper proof locking device to give access to the base compartment. The same pattern lock shall be us for all columns. Door openings shall be to the minimum size consistent with access to the fused cut-out, cable terminations and control gear where fitted in the base compartment.


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