Unloading Procedure Fuel Depot Aviation

1. Product Information
Aviation fuel will have to be provided to aircraft operating into/from Oe-cusse International Airport. These aircraft will range from medium to short haul passenger jetliners with the occasional wide body long haul charter flight and it is assumed that general aviation piston driven private aircraft may demand this airport mainly for business purpose.

Fig 1. Airport LayoutFigure 1. Oe-cusse International Airport Layout

To cater for these needs, Oe-cusse International Airport requires that its Master Plan contemplates the design and construction of an aviation fuel depot, and designed to comply with the best aviation standards in terms of safety and environment protection. The project requirement is to service fuel aviation fuel consumption are as follow:

  • Aviation fuel requirements
    • Aircraft assumption : 4 aircraft code C strands together at the same time; 2 aircraft code C and 1 code E strands at the same time
    • General aviation (no feasible forecast)
    • Helicopter : 2 aircraft considered on original scope
  • Ground Support fuel requirements
    • Ground Support aircraft tanker : minimum 4 tanker truck for 4 parking strands
    • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) assumption : 2 baggage/cargo tow tractor; 8 closed baggage carts; 1 aircraft pushback and tow tractor; Jet engine air start unit; 2 cleaning service car; 1 lavatory service car; 1 ground power unit; 2 passenger stair truck; 4 caster bed pallet trailer
    • Rescue & Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) assumption : 2 fire fighting vehicles; 1 ambulance; 4×4 vehicle

2. Start-Up Procedure Avtur/Avgas Pumps

Before start-up prosedure, make sure have installed pumps right, check the coupling alighment, fill pumps with fluid and check rotation. At normal operating temperature, the vibration velocity shall not exceed 2.8 mm/s RMS, or 4 mm/s PEAK in any direction. The maximum acceptable values of DE/NDE bearing temperature during operation shall be 54 oC (Ambient) + 10 oC.

2.1. Avtur And Avgas Piping & Valve Unloading System

pid avtur unloading diagramFigure 3.  Flow diagram unloading avtur system

  1. Open all the valves (Manual Valve with Limit swicth and Suction Valve) in system before start-up pumps
  2. Open the discharge valve in system
  3. Open the valve on Microfilter and Water separator to differential pressure gauge
  4. Open the valve on Positif displacement meter inlet and outlet line
  5. Close the valve on by pass pumps
  6. Close the valve on by pass Positif displacement meter
  7. Close the valve on by pass to loading system
  8. Open the valve inlet avtur and avgas storage tank
  9. Start on of electric motor
  10. Check the pressure gauge for make sure the pump according the pressure discharge and suction is appropriate
  11. If the pump fails to reach the right pressure, do the following steps:
    • Stop the electric motor
    • Do primming pump
    • Start the electric motor
    • Check temperature bearing, vibration and noise of pump, if it exceeds the normal limit stop the electric motor and repair the problem
    • Repeat step 10 and 11
  12. Check if there is a leak in the system

2.2. Unloading Control & Instrumen System

flow diagram unloading instrument control 2Figure 4.  Unloading avtur/avgas control &instrumen system.

Notes :

No. Description Qty Product
1 Unloading flexible house 3 OPW
2 Level Switch High 3 JERGUSON
3 Level switch Low 3 JERGUSON
4 Emegency push button 2 MEDC
5 Earthing switch with clamp 2 NEWSON GALE
6 Local control panel (LCP) 2 WEIDMULLER
7 Manual valve with limit switch 2 OPW
9 Emergency disconnecting switch (EDS) 4 KILLARK
10 Pump 4 VIKING
11 Fuel Tank 3 BBI

Process Control Unloading

  1. Check power from panel MCC and LCP.
  2. Position the selector switch in Incoming MCC panel is ON (RED pilot lamp).
  3. Position the selector switch in Instrument panel is ON (RED pilot lamp).

2.1. Avtur And Avgas Piping & Valve Loading System

pid avtur unloading diagram


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