Rotary Thresher Drum

Quantity          : Two (2) units’.

Type                : Rotary drum with central shaft EN19 diameter 6 inch.

Capacity          : 36 tons FFB/Hour.

Speed              : 24 rpm.

Drive               : Teco, Electrim or approved equivalent 18,5 kW/25 HP/1445 Rpm, IP 55, 50 Hz.

Gearbox          : Sew Eurodrive, Brook Hansen or approved equivalent

Ratio 62.60 ne : 1400 Rpm, na : 22 Rpm, Design SF > 1,5

Construction :

  • The thresher would be of the rotating drum type without central longitudinal shaft.
  • The drive cum support of the rotating drum is achieved by means of friction drive between steel rings and adjustable rollers.
  • Axial movement of the drum is controlled by horizontally mounted rollers.
  • The rotating drum would be of welded construction with longitudinal bars of 12 mm thick strip bar section at 45 mm spacing.
  • Fitted with 3 mm thick x 30 mm wide m.s circular rings, spaced at a distance of 80 mm apart along the entire length and would be tag welded to the longitudinal bars.
  • The eternal wall of the cylindrical drum would be fitted adequate numbers of retarder rings or lifters to ensure efficient fruit stripping.

Fluid coupling : The fluid coupling installed between motor and gearbox.

Bearing            : Heavy duty pillow block.

Wall covering  : Fabricated from 4 mm thick m.s plate c/w hanged door for inspection.

Dimension       : Diameter : 2.000 mm.

Length             : 5.500 mm approx.

Rotary Thresher Drum


Distribution Fruit Bunch Conveyor

1(one) unit Distributing Fruit Bunch Conveyor will be provided and installed to

distribute sterilized bunches to the thresher drum.

Capacity          : 50 tons bunch/hour

Type                : Scraper Bar twin chain bottom deck

Liner speed     : 0.35 meter/second

Dimension       : 1,200mm W x 1,050mm H x 14.000mm Lg approx.

Conveyor chain: 152.4mm pitch x 24,000 lbf breaking load.

Body frame     : 152mm x 76mm x 18.6 kg/m m.s channels

76mm x 76mm x 9mm thick angle bracing.

Wall plates      : 6mm thick wall plates

8mm thick base plates

Conveyor drive : 4 kw/ 5.5 Hp Teco, Electrim or appoved equivalent

Brook Hansen, Sew output 37 Rpm or approved Equivalen

Distribution Fruit Bunch Conveyor

Inclined Bunch Conveyor

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Type                : Scraper bar.

Capacity          : 60 tons bunch/hour.

Liner speed     : 25 metres per minute.

Construction   :

  • Scraper fabricated from channel 100 x 50 x 5 c/w 8 thk ms plate teckweld 50 m c/c
  •  Drag bar boiler on two (2) continuous channel 6” pitch. Solid pin roller type running on guides roller.
  • Breaking strength of the chain to be used is 30.000 LBF, UK Chain, precision or equivalent.
  • 6 thk ms plate trays of welded construction.
  • Chains tension device would be provided at one end of the conveyor.
  • Supported on 125 x 65 x 6 channel and braced with 60 x 60 x 6 angle bar.
  • Provided with an inspection plate form c/w 1” and 1 ¼ “ dia. black steel pipe hand rails and suitable ladder.
  • The inspection plate form covered with 5 thk ms chequered plate.
  • Fitted with discharge chute to horizontal distributing bunch conveyor.

Drive unit        : 7.5kW/ 10 Hp  geared motor Teco, Electrim or equivalent c/w sprocket and chain drive RS 120 1” duplex.

Dimension       : Width : 1200 mm and length : ± 24 m approx.

Inclined Bunch Conveyor

Rotary Feeder

1 (one) units Hopper c/w Rotary Feeder will be provided and installed to transport sterilizer fruit bunches from tippler to the bunch conveyor with paddle.

Capacity          : 5 mt FFB

Type                : Inclined hopper (chute) and paddle shaft feeder dia. 150mm with welded spikes. The feeder will be rotate with same speed of the bunch conveyor

Rotation          : Transfer chain and sprocket will be connected on bottom shaft of bunch conveyor with sprocket and chain.

Feeder             : Will be connected on bottom shaft of bunch conveyor with sprocket and chain.

Rotary Feeder drive    : 5.5 Hp speed variator (10 Rpm max.) c/w adjustable base plate and metal guard.

Body frame & chute : 6mm thick m.s. wall plate & 152 x 76 x 18.6 kg/m channels.

Rotary Feeder


The main performance data of Palm Oil Tippler:

Quantity          : one (1) unit.

Type                : Semi automatic.

Capacity          : One (1) cages cap. 5 tonnes.

RML               : 50 x 50 mm with track gauge 700 mm.

Construction   : Frame fabricated from 25 mm thick on the side and the whole

length tippler dia. 6 inch sch 40 steel pipes provided with a pair of rails where

one (1) unit loaded fruit cages can be seated.

Drive unit         : 1 – 7.5 kW/10 Hp electric motor

  • 1 – Hydraulic pump
  • 3 – Solenoid valves
  • 3 – Flow regulator
  • 1 – Oil coller and other tank accessories
  • 1 – Pcs hydraulic motor CR 15
  • 1 – Pcs M-3000 cylinder 2 ½“ x 8”

Tippler Pit Pump : Summersible Pump Tsurumi, Model 50 B2-75-53, Discharge

50 mm, Tot. Head Max 12 Mtr, Capacity 0.44 M3/Min, Drive Unit : 0,75 kW/ 1

HP, 380 – 415 V, Insulation Class E, Ampere 1,9 – 2.0 Ampere.

Threesing Tippler