Distribution Fruit Bunch Conveyor

1(one) unit Distributing Fruit Bunch Conveyor will be provided and installed to

distribute sterilized bunches to the thresher drum.

Capacity          : 50 tons bunch/hour

Type                : Scraper Bar twin chain bottom deck

Liner speed     : 0.35 meter/second

Dimension       : 1,200mm W x 1,050mm H x 14.000mm Lg approx.

Conveyor chain: 152.4mm pitch x 24,000 lbf breaking load.

Body frame     : 152mm x 76mm x 18.6 kg/m m.s channels

76mm x 76mm x 9mm thick angle bracing.

Wall plates      : 6mm thick wall plates

8mm thick base plates

Conveyor drive : 4 kw/ 5.5 Hp Teco, Electrim or appoved equivalent

Brook Hansen, Sew output 37 Rpm or approved Equivalen

Distribution Fruit Bunch Conveyor