Fuel Conveyor

Quantity          : One (1) unit

Fuel Conveyor

Fuel Conveyor

Dimension       : 760 width x 600 height x 10m length (just to site)

Type                : Scraper Conveyor

Chain               : PC 4” twin chain with 15,000 lbf breaking load, Scraper every 3rd link, with high tensile bolt c/w Spring washer and double nut.

Sprocket          : 10 T and pitch 4”.

Drive               : 11 kW/ 15 Hp,1445 Rpm Teco, Electrim electromotor and Brook Hansen gearbox ratio 24.12 : 1 Output speed 22.5 Rpm or approved equivalentt , duplex transmission chain and sprocket.

Machine speed : 25 Rpm.

Complete with : Access catwalk along the entire length of the conveyor; Supporting structure; 3 outlet chutes; Will be provided with gearbox platform at both side of the conveyor.