Elevated Fuel Storage Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Fuel Storage Tank

Fuel Storage Tank

Capacity          : 20.000 liters diesel oil.

Construction   :

  • Tank fabricated from 6 mm thick m.s plate of all welded construction.
  • Flat dished-end would be used. Fitted with one manhole 500 mm dia.
  • Ladder would be provided. Provided with inlet and outlet pipe c/w valve.
  • Fitted with level indicator. Provided with drain valve.
  • One set suitable height steel structure of 120 mm x 120 mm x 12 mm m.s angle
  • 150 mm m.s channel support c/w 50 x 50 x 5 mm m.s angle bracing to support the tank.

Dimension       : Dia. 1.940 mm x 4.500 mm in length.

Elevated Diesel Service Tank

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Diesel Service Tank

Diesel Service Tank

Type                : Elevated.

Capacity          : 1.000 liters.

Construction   :

  • Tank fabricated from 5 mm thick m.s plate, top edge stiffened by 40 x 40 x 4 mm angle bar of all welded construction.
  • The tank would be supported on 60 x 60 x 6 mm m.s angle bar at suitable height, enabling the fuel gravitation towards the three (3) units’ diesel driven alternator.

Dimension       : 1.200 mm x 1.200 mm x 1.000 mm height.

Accessories     : Level gauge fuel piping to the two (2) diesels c/w valves, fittings and strainer.

BPV Control System

BPV Control

BPV Control

One (1) back pressure control panel c/w pressure switches, pneumatic modules. Air regulator speed controller and quick exhaust control valve c/w electro pneumatic. Wire Prewired with indicating lights, relay terminals etc.

One (1) back pressure receiver make-up valve Size: 2.5” dia.

Burkert piston-operated globe valve of cast steel body, stainless steel seat, seating cone and spindle, Teflon-asbestos gland packing and steel seals.

Pressure rating:

  • 21 bar at 400 deg. C
  • 35 bar at 200 deg C
  • 40 bar at 120 deg C
  • Temperature range: 0 – 400 deg. C
  • Valve come fitted with:
  • Single acting piston actuator. Air to open/spring to close.
  • Recommended air pressure: 80 psig.

Ambient temperature : Up to 90 deg. C

One (1) back pressure receiver

Blow off valve Size 6” dia.

Burkert Piston operated globe valve of cast iron body, 316 stainless steel seat and spindleTeflon (PTFE) cup-seals.

Pressure rating : 230 psi

Temperature rating : 180 deg. C

Valve come fitted with : – Single-Acting piston actuator.

Air to open/spring to close with 1 mm thick aluminium sheets.

Dimension       : 1.700 mm dia. x 6.000 mm in length.

Back Pressure Vessel

Quantity          : One (1) unit.

Back Pressure Vessel

Back Pressure Vessel

Capacity          : 12 m³

Working design Pressure : 3.5 kg/cm²

Construction   :

  • Unit of welded construction.
  • Fabricated from 10 mm boiler plates dished ends welded to side.
  • One (1) 450 mm dia. manhole c/w cover.
  • Supported on two (2) feet, one fixed and the other one allows free movement during vessel expansion.
  • Manufactured to the requirements of the Indonesian pressure vessel regulation.
  • Provision of one operator catwalk c/w stairways and hand-rails.
  • The following mounting and fitting would be provided:

2 – 300 mm dia. globe valve.

1 – 100 mm dia globe valve.

1 – Pressure / temperature recorder.

1 – 150 mm dia. pressure gauge.

1 – 200 mm dia full bore relief valve cap. spring loaded at 3.1 kg/cm²

2 – 150 mm dia. globe valve.

1 – 200 mm dia. globe valve.

1 – 75 mm dia. globe valve.

1 – 65 mm dia. pneumatically controlled steam make up valve.

1 – 100 mm dia. pneumatically blows of valve.

  • Insulated externally with 50 mm thick rockwool and covered.

Diesel Generating Set

Two (2) units diesel driven alternator set output 400 kW/500 kVA/1500 Rpm/ 50

Diesel Genset

Diesel Genset


One (1) unit diesel driven alternator set out put 200 kW/ 250 kVA

Make               : Komatsu, Cummins or equivalent.

The installation all diesel alternator set & All necessary pipe line, valve and fitting will be supplied and installed by Contractor.

Steam Turbo Alternator

Two (2) units’ single stage back pressure turbine coupled to alternator, output

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine

1.200 kW. The installation turbine by contractor.

Make               : SHINKO, Dresser-Rand or equivalent.

Main steam separator.

Steam pipes from steam separator to steam turbine and condensate pipe c/w

necessary one (1) individual steam separators, valves and fitting would be supplied and installed.

A return line pipe ex. cooling of turbine c/w fitting to water settling basin.

Speed              : 5,400 rpm

Inlet Pressure  : 22 barg

Inlet Temperature : 219.6o C

Exhaust Pressure : 3.2 barg

Steam Rate      : 2.63 kgs/kwh

Steam Flow     : 27,156 kgs/hr