Rotary Thresher Drum

Quantity          : Two (2) units’.

Type                : Rotary drum with central shaft EN19 diameter 6 inch.

Capacity          : 36 tons FFB/Hour.

Speed              : 24 rpm.

Drive               : Teco, Electrim or approved equivalent 18,5 kW/25 HP/1445 Rpm, IP 55, 50 Hz.

Gearbox          : Sew Eurodrive, Brook Hansen or approved equivalent

Ratio 62.60 ne : 1400 Rpm, na : 22 Rpm, Design SF > 1,5

Construction :

  • The thresher would be of the rotating drum type without central longitudinal shaft.
  • The drive cum support of the rotating drum is achieved by means of friction drive between steel rings and adjustable rollers.
  • Axial movement of the drum is controlled by horizontally mounted rollers.
  • The rotating drum would be of welded construction with longitudinal bars of 12 mm thick strip bar section at 45 mm spacing.
  • Fitted with 3 mm thick x 30 mm wide m.s circular rings, spaced at a distance of 80 mm apart along the entire length and would be tag welded to the longitudinal bars.
  • The eternal wall of the cylindrical drum would be fitted adequate numbers of retarder rings or lifters to ensure efficient fruit stripping.

Fluid coupling : The fluid coupling installed between motor and gearbox.

Bearing            : Heavy duty pillow block.

Wall covering  : Fabricated from 4 mm thick m.s plate c/w hanged door for inspection.

Dimension       : Diameter : 2.000 mm.

Length             : 5.500 mm approx.

Rotary Thresher Drum