Nilai Limit Standart Untuk Air Pengisi Dan Ketel

ARTIKEL    24 K & 29 K
PENGISIAN PHHardness CaCo3Fats

Dissolved Oxygen O2





8.0 – 9.50Nearly zero

0.1  ppm or less

0.1  ppm

0.2 ppm or more

KETEL PH ( at 25oC )M-alkalinity ( CaCo3)P-alkalinity (CaCo3)

Total Solids

Electric Conductance

Chlorine CL

Phosphate ion (Po4-3)

Sulphurous acid ion (SO4-2)


9.4 – 10.5100 ppm or less80 ppm or less

80 ms/m or less

100 ppm or less

5 – 15 ppm

5 – 10 ppm

50 ppm or less


These limits above must be maintained by feed water treatment, chemical dosing and blow down, to protect the boiler drums, header and tube from corrosion.


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